It's Spring Time


It's spring time! The hours of daylight are getting longer, and over the next few months you can relax and enjoy the weather as it starts to get warmer.

Spring time should be enjoyed, but the warmer weather can bring with it risks such as home thefts and garden thefts. So here are a few handy tips to help protect your home this spring.


  • Garden thefts range from bicycles, plants, garden tools and furniture. So remember to lock your tools in a shed and keep your valuable items out of view.
  • Tools can be used to break into your home so don't leave them lying around.
  • Make garden containers too heavy to carry by putting bricks or stones at the bottom.
  • Gravel on your driveway can help you to hear someone approaching your property.
  • Keep your keys and valuables away from open windows.
  • For peace of mind make sure you have home insurance cover

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