St. George’s Day Monday 23rd April 2018


Here at Sweeney Insurance we are proud to be British and as such we believe that our national day, St George's Day should be celebrated with the same enthusiasm as other national holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day.

As such we believe that St George's Day should be a national HOLIDAY rather then just a national DAY. Until St Georges Day is recognised as a national day of rest I am giving my staff the FULL DAY off on FULL PAY much like a bank holiday and urge other companies to do the same.


We are keen that service to our customers is not affected and as such if there are any problems do call me on my mobile 07900 692163


Kind Regards




J.A. Sweeney

Managing Director



Insurance Act 2015-       What it means to you

Insurance Act 2015- this became law on 12/8/16 and is much more user friendly than the old law which applied- there is a seperate FACTSHEET on the website for you to check if you follow the 'read more' link above. As always, if you have any doubts, call John Sweeney on 07900 692163.


Cyber Cover-                 Protect yourself online

Online crime is at an all time high- the culprits are clever, and employ sophisticated and professional methods to defraud you- cyber Cover is readily avaliable, quick and cheap- please contact us for details. 



Fail to Prepare               Prepare to Fail!

Recent HSE prosecutions continually quote that UK Companies must plan their jobs professionally with the safety of their workforce at the core their thinking- again, call us for advice and if we cannot help,we happen to insure several very good Health and Safety Practioners who could help you. 



Life Insurance                     Don't gamble with your life

You don't have to panic and go on the internet, not really knowing what you are wanting. We are completely independent and can sit down with you and discuss things- whether it is a simple 10 year Term Assurance or KeyMan Cover, lets talk.



Home Insurance                 Try Us!

You will be very pleasantly surprised- AXA, in particular, have a superb Home Insurance Contract- good cover backed by a quality insurer- you may not get a free pen or a cuddly toy.


But, what you will get is a very good policy and when the chips are down, our Managing Director will come to your home and sit down over a cuppa and conclude your claim professionally. 



Private Medical Cover           What's new?

We can arrange both individual and Group Schemes, many of which can be extended to include Family members and/or key members of staff. As always, happy to pop out and explain things for you. 



Cost of insurance set to rise in June 2017 with IPT increase

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is set to increase to 12% in June 2017. This is the latest of a number of recent increases to IPT and means that the tax on insurance premiums will have doubled in less than two years:

  • November 2015 - IPT rose from 6% to 9.5%
  • October 2016 - IPT rose from 9.5% to 10%
  • June 2017 - IPT will rise from 10% to 12%

What's IPT?

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) was first introduced in the UK in 1994, and is a tax on general insurance premiums (including home, travel and mobile phone insurance). There are currently two bands, with 10% being the most common rate. A higher rate applies to travel insurance, appliance insurance and some vehicle insurance - which are all at 20% (the same as VAT).

Clearly the larger the insurance premium, the more significant the effect of the recent IPT change will be. So this will hit customers of home and motor insurance the most.



A very warm welcome to our new look website! 


Within these pages we'll do our best to reassure you, as insurance is not complicated. It's about getting the right balance. Cover, cost and quality of insurance company are among the factors you need to consider. 


Here at Sweeney Insurance Associates you will find straight answers with no waffle. We are legally bound to tell you how it is, warts and all. Hopefully we will cover most things, if not please call us. 


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If you are browsing through, enjoy the site- we will try and keep it fresh, topical and lively- we'll also try and be informative. 


If you need a second opinion on your insurances, please call or e-mail- Contract details are on the menu to the left. Thank You. 


J. A. Sweeney (Managing Director) 

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